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One Entry Ticket for the NAF World Cup 2019 in Dornbirn will cost 111€, incl. VAT. If you pay before December 31, 2018 the cost will be reduced to 99€, incl. VAT

The entrance fee includes 9 games of Blood Bowl at the World Cup, one Commemorative Coin, one Limited Edition Dice set and lunch for three days. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *


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  If you know fellow coaches, who also sign up as single coaches, and you want to be on the same squad with them, please list their NAF-Nicknames here: 


How many pitches do you like to order for 89€?   **
How many World Cup miniature teams do you like to order for 55€?   Metal: Resin: **
How many sets of the WC4 coaching staff minis do you like to order for 20€?   Metal: Resin: **
What shirt size would you need in case we hand out free shirts? (S - 4XL)   
** there is a 5% discount if at least one full package is ordered. A full package contains at least one pitch, one miniature team and one set of coaching staff miniatures. There will be a price increase of 5€ for the team and the coaching staff and 10€ for the pitch if paid after December 31, 2018